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Glenda Crosley endured 24 years of an abusive marriage. Over 2 decades of disguising her bruised and battered body. By the time Glenda was put behind bars for defending her life and killing her abusive husband in 1988, she felt worthless. She received a sentence of 15-years-to-life and has now served 22 years behind bars. When is enough, enough?

Despite new laws that allow courts to consider a woman's previous abuse in such cases, Glenda remains in prison. Now, at age 66, Glenda falls through the cracks. She was allowed to present a "Battering and Its' Effects" defense, the first time it was ever used in a California courtroom, but the judge's instructions to the jury made sure that the evidence was not given it's proper weight in court.

sin_by_silence_glenda_crosleyAs Glenda states, "I arrived in prison a broken woman. I viewed myself as a failure to motherhood, marriage, society and God. Today, at age 67 and I have found my voice. I now know courage and strength in spite of the odds. Now with purpose, I vow to empower women in bringing understanding to those who have failed to change their way of thinking."

Join us in urging Governor Schwarzenegger to grant clemency and free Glenda Crosley before he leaves office on January 3, 2011. Sign the petition, share and encourage others to join the fight to free this 66-year-old grandmother.

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