Thursday, December 2 2010, 2:30pm
Room 230, State Capitol

Call in participants at the November 9, 2010 meeting shared their experiences and concerns about their cases relating to Family Court, CPS, and child custody evaluators.

John Walters, DHS, reported that the CPS caseload has increased 600% and indicated that they take no action in over half (57%) of the cases. He will provide a more detailed summary case flow and disposition of cases at the next meeting.

Tom Farrell, HSBA Family Law Section, shared a possible proposal to address the problem in Family Court.

Tom Marzec provided a list of bills previously submitted by the Working Group and a new proposal to address child custody evaluations (see attached).

Followup Actions: The next meeting will cover the above items. See agenda below:


  • Proposed legislation (please review the attached and bring to the meeting as we will discuss whether to pursue any of these in the 2011 session; and you may also bring any other legislative proposals to address child custody concerns).
  • Family Court intervention procedure to address child custody investigation and decision-making-- Tom Farrell will present the proposal
  • CPS caseload and disposition --- John Walters will present CPS caseflow and disposition

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