aka jayne doughAt the time, I was teaching Domestic Violence classes at the Women's Community Correctional Center.  There were a few more minutes left before our ladies were ready to walk over to the classrooms with us and I was talking to my colleague, Serena Camara, about (what else?) domestic violence. 

As we spoke, Serena confided that she was a survivor of domestic violence and from the little she told me of her story, I was like "WOW, you should really write a book!"  Casually she replied "I already did".  That was it - I had to check it out. Not available in bookstores, I ordered my copy of "The Making Of #A0210208" by "Jayne Dough" online at amazon.com.  I got through the book quickly because it's one of those books that you absolutely cannot put down.  By the book's end, I wanted more and urgently wanted to know "So what happens next?!"  (Luckily, I had the good fortune to be able to ask that question directly of the author the next time I saw her at work.)  The only comfort Serena gave me though was in saying that she was working on the sequel to this book so there would be more to come.  

A more thorough review of Serena's book can be found at http://jaynedough.pnn.com/4390-the-front-page but I just wanted to highly recommend her book to anyone who wants to understand how anyone could ever end up in a violent, abusive relationship and/or become addicted to drugs. 

Serena takes you step-by-step into her world that reflects both the beauty and brutality of her island life and writes in such a way that you feel as if she's talking directly to you, like a good friend taking you into their confidence.  For those of us who are familiar with the windward side of Oahu (particularly Waimanalo) and town (Honolulu) and for those who grew up in the Hawaii of decades gone by, there's an added dimension of familiarity and reminiscence.

Considering the detail that's given in the book, I thought it was wise for Serena to be publishing under the pen-name "Jayne Dough" but Serena said including her real prison identification number in the title, in part, ended up giving her away.

Amazingly Serena said it only took her a few weeks to write this book, so once you're finished reading it and are dying for more, please help to encourage her to get her sequel out:  "The Revelation Of #A0210208".

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