facebookLady Gaga and the Robin Hood Foundation are running a Facebook contest for 1-million dollars.  Great!  BUT, a New York Group (Lawyers For Children) have reportedly shown bias against women, and have hurt the children for which they pledge support.

Read this New York Post article


1) Click this Facebook Contest Link:  http://www.facebook.com/ladygaga?v=app_158498217539308

2) Click "Like" on Lady Gaga's Facebook page (then sign into Facebook AT TOP OF PAGE)

3) Select/vote for any of the four other groups listed EXCEPT FOR Lawyers for Children.

      ** You can vote AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT.

4) Please forward this email to your friends, family and contacts.

Further information:
  • April Soler (the child featured in the New York Post 11/12/06 article), stated in the article that Lawyers for Children made false statements to the court on her behalf, resulting in April being placed into the custody of her abusive father:
  • "A 16-year-old Manhattan student says a court-appointed lawyer badly botched her parents' custody case, convincing a judge to send her to an abusive father by falsely testifying about how she felt toward her mom." http://www.judicialaccountability.org/articles/lawyersinthenewstwo.htm
  • "April Soler, who attends a prestigious Upper East Side private school on a scholarship for underprivileged kids, said lawyer Hal Silverman misrepresented her when he told a Family Court judge she was resentful about her mother's failed suicide try." http://www.judicialaccountability.org/articles/lawyersinthenewstwo.htm
  • The article also states that "Critics also say it misuses taxpayer money by taking on custody fights of the super-wealthy - including Judi Nathan and her former husband, Bruce; casino mogul John Aylsworth and his ex-girlfriend Bridget Marks; and a politically connected lawyer from Brooklyn, Thomas Gass, who has helped raise money for Supreme Court judges." http://www.judicialaccountability.org/articles/lawyersinthenewstwo.htm

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