Hi Angels!

This is a very interesting video blog about the "legitimacy" of government. There are three branches of government established by the Constitution: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

The reason this video is relevant to YOU is because the legitimacy of these branches was granted CONDITIONALLY by the Constitution.  When Hawaii judges start disregarding the law, CPS tramples your Rights and Liberties, and other para-professionals perjur themselves in order to harm you and your children, then they instantly become nothing more than "common criminals".

It is SO IMPORTANT for you to realize this and TAKE YOUR POWER BACK!  Please watch this video and then let's find a way to let Hawaii know that it WILL fix this problem. 

If you don't believe it can be done, realize this: The higher-ups in the Judiciary (and  peers and other "court officials") can hold the criminals accountable for what they're doing.  These renegade judges can be removed or sanctioned until they 'come up to speed' on the law....simple.

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