marvin acklin hawaii psychologistAre you - or have you been - party to a case where Marvin Acklin was involved?  How did it go?  Seems that a few cases we've heard about appear to have serious ethical violations.  We'd like to make you aware of the fact that psychologists are bound by a code of ethics.  Should this code be violated, a complaint can be filed.  This is applicable for ALL therapists, not only Marvin Acklin.  However, should you have a violation of ethics in your case by Marvin Acklin, we would appreciate you taking time to:

We suggest that you stick to the facts (leave emotion out of it) and tailor the complaint according to the ethical violation.  In other words, re: ethical violation A, Mr. Acklin did B, etc.  If you have proof, better yet.  If you can get proof, get it.  Help the investigator to follow the tangled trail. 

We need Hawaii's mental health professionals held accountable for ethical violations.  If you are hesitating for yourself, then get some aloha spirit and do it for the next person coming down the pipe.  It's silence and apathy that allows this harm to continue...

Stand up and be counted!!!

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